What is Taobao?

Taobao is one of child sites of Alibaba Group, besides Aliexpress, Yahoo China, Alipay (Paypal of China), Youku (Youtube of China). The founder Jack Ma is one of the richest people in China. Taobao is biggest online platform from China and the reason you didn’t heard about it is because is created special for Chinese people! The prices are for Chinese salaries and the products are direct from manufacturers and factories. No more middlemans and pumped prices for foreign buyers, because on Taobao there are not foreign buyers, hehe until now.

So the questions that will probably grind now is how can I buy from Taobao if the website is in Chinese, the prices are in Yuan (Chinese money) and the sellers don’t even deliver to my country, only in China? Worry not! Here intervenes China Agents!


What is China Agent?

And how to find best one?

An Agent is someone from China that will buy the products from Taobao for you and will deliver to your address.

Question: Sounds like a lot of trust, to give somebody from China money to buy for you and send to other country. Sounds complicated and how even I give him money?

Answer: After a long time where I lost a lot of money being scammed over and over by Agents and if I received products they were not as expected, broken or wrong, I discovered the oasis, the gold mine, the Supreme ( adjective and brand too). I discovered Superbuy.


What is Superbuy?

Superbuy is a registered legit company in China and Hong Kong that will buy and deliver products for you. Like Uber Eats service, but with any Chinese products delivered worldwide. Superbuy is booming right now, from employees to new customers, all of them are increasing considerably from week to week. Also their live support is premium and free.

Check sweet Carmen presenting Superbuy


How Superbuy works?

Superbuy is an automate website, you don’t need to talk with agents. Just shop like Aliexpress or any other website. There are two main steps in ordering from Taobao using Superbuy.

Step I: buy and pay for products and China shipping.

  • Add the products you want to buy from Taobao, to your Superbuy Account (copy and paste link).
  • Pay the products and China shipping from seller to your warehouse. China shipping is usually free or around $1. Payments accepted: credit card, bank transfer, Paypal or Alipay.
  • Superbuy Agents will buy the products for you.

    • Wait 1-3 days for the product to arrive at your personal storage room in Superbuy warehouse.
    • Superbuy Agent will give you High Qulity photos of what you bought.
    • Superbuy Agent will control the products for damages and malfunctions.
    • If you are not satisfied with the product you can refund it.
    • If you are satisfied with all products, agents will pack and ready the products and wait for your next decision.
    • In this time you can order more products or you can confirm the you are ready for Internationl shipping.

Step II: pay for international shipping.

    • After the Interntional shipping payment, your package will take off from Superbuy warehouse to your door.
    • Superbuy International Shipping price and time can be checked always here.


Almost forgot, if you signup Superbuy here, you will receive $30 worth of International shipping coupons.


Superbuy costs

After the service is explained, maybe you are interested in what are cost for all of those above. Well is not that pricey, in fact 15 products/ every month are free, after you will pay 6 yuan/product (almost 1 dollar). Considering they will handle everything: buying, domestic shipping, quality control, high quality pictures, refund service, international shipping and custom papers I can say for sure it is worth it. Also the products are a lot cheaper even with International shipping price included, than Aliexpress, DHgate or other Chinese websites for foreigners.


Step by step Superbuy Guide with pictures


Can I buy direct from Taobao without Agent?

Yes. Check the Complete Taobao guide – How to buy step by step. But remember, Taobao service will deliver only in USA, Canada, Japan and other two or three countries, the quality control and pictures are practically non-existent, you will need to deal with the refund process in case you need it, and also handle all the account things + buying process, all of those in Chinese. If you are ok go for it! You will save some bucks, if not, Superbuy is your best choice. Even if I know and also I ordered before direct from Taobao to my door, I still choose the divine Superbuy.


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